Protect is a unique service that lets your customers protect their orders.
The customer simply chooses to add cart or checkout. Join the fast-growing, extremely satisfied merchants who use Convoy Order Protection to let their customers shop online with peace of mind.

Why Choose Protect?

Increase Revenues

By letting us protect your orders, you don’t have to pay for lost, damaged, or even stolen items. You’ll even earn additional sales when we create reorders and you’ll save money when we cover refunds.

Reinforce Customer Trust

Give your customers the piece of mind that they will receive their orders – no matter what happens.

Decrease Customer Service

If an issue arises, the customer files claims directly with us. This decreases your support workload and frees you up to focus on sales.

Protect costs nothing and can even generate additional revenues!

There’s absolutely no risk to try!

Customers Select Protect

Your orders have Protect enabled automatically.

Houston, We Have A Problem

If an order is lost, damaged, or stolen, the customer simply fills out our claim form to let us know.

The Customer Works Directly With Us

We remove the merchant from the process by working directly with the customer.

We Process The Claim

We verify everything and quickly process customer claims.

Claim Resolved

We place a reorder or will refund the customer. Reorders show up as a new order meaning additional revenues for your store. Refunds come out of our pocket thereby saving you money.

Let us deal with order issues so you can focus on sales.

Frequently Asked Question

Protect is an add-on service that lets customers protect their order from loss, damage, or theft. It can be enabled by default or the customer can simply enable it at the time of purchase.

  • The Protect checkbox is selected by default to keep the checkout process simple.

  • We have found that Protect has not affected merchants conversion rates negatively. In addition, when orders are replaced, new orders are processed for the merchant increasing sales revenue.

Protect will never cost you a dime. The customer opts-in and pays for the protection. We cover all approved claim costs, even if what we collect is less than the cost of claims. In most cases, you’ll make additional revenue from reorders.

We provide no-hassle refunds and replacements for order issues at no cost to you so you can focus on selling.

Customers claims are sent to us so your store has less customer service tasks to deal with.

Online sales will continue to grow and unexpected shipping issues can create customer support nightmare. So, it is important to have a backup plan, especially one that costs you no money.

With Protect, you won’t need to decide this. You can empower your customer to make this decision as they see fit given their own unique circumstances including problem neighborhoods, common delivery issues, and things that you may not be aware of.

Protect will cover claims costs even if it exceeds how much we collect. Your store will often make money or in very rare cases break-even.

We monitor and optimize sales performance so if we identify any persistent issues, we may change the price either dynamically per order or across the site to ensure optimal value for both the store and the customer.

Some carriers provide shipping insurance but their claims process is often difficult or very time consuming for the merchant. Carriers also do not cover theft after delivery.

With Protect, we cover lost, damaged, or stolen shipments and we work directly with the customer, saving you time. We also have a fast and easy claims process which creates higher customer satisfaction.